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Battlefield Hardline Getaway DLC would be out next week. The DLC will be available on January 12 for Premium members and the rest of the users needs to hold on till January 26.

Getaway DLC is third of four expansion packs. It includes a new mode called Capture the Bag which is similar to Capture the Flag as described by EA. It consists of four new maps Pacific Highway, Train Dodge, Double Cross, and Diversion. Some weapons and patches were also included.

Take a look what the DLC holds within it –

Four new vehicles
Three new weapons
One new gadget
Four new legendary Camos
Four Maps: Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Train Dodge, and Diversion.
New game mode: Capture the Flag.


Getaway DLC will also has a new Match Play called as Competitive Match Play, having skill-based 5v5 matches, with regularly refreshing seasons and leaderboards.
Battlefield Hardline didn’t had a huge amount of players, in fact some players were already discontinued it, but its good to see that the developer still supporting the game by providing expansion packs and patches.
If you are planning to buy or going to play the game tell us why do you like Battlefield Hardline in the comments below.

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