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Stunlock Studios today announced a FREE MIDWEEK, during which players can try out their MOBA and battle royale mash-up, Battlerite Royale, free of charge. FREE MIDWEEK also coincides with Steam Midweek Madness Sale, offering 30% discount on Battlerite Royale starting tomorrow, October 30th and ending this Friday, November 2nd.

Up until November 7th Battlerite franchise players are also invited to join the Halloween event “Curse Of The Night” and roam the new “The Haunted Keep” map testing their luck with “Trick or Treat Shrines”, which give players random buffs or debuffs. Both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale players can expect a spooky Halloween packed with event quests, unique Halloween weapons for all champions, creepy avatars, mounts, and three brand new legendary outfits.

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