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The semi-final clash between Avangar and Renegades was one of the closest matches on paper as both teams shared the similar form throughout the tournament. The match was a clash of proper underdogs, with both teams denying jubilance to various favourites as they made their way into the semi-finals.  Avangar knocked Vitality and ENCE faced an upsetting loss against Renegades.

Opening map was Mirage which has yielded positive results for both teams. It is safe to say that it was a perfect match up and it would be an understatement to say this match was exciting. Both teams traded blows in this close contest but Avangar managed to come out on the top with Renegades forcing double overtime. No doubt in saying JKS was the man who lit up the stage by a series of amazing multi fragging rounds followed by a crucial 1v2 clutch in post plant situation, with the time working against him. JKS had the match of his life with 104.1 ADR and 1.38 overall rating. But despite of such as outstanding performance Avangar took Mirage with 22-19 scoreline.

Image Credit: HLTV
Image Credit: HLTV

Following map was Dust 2 where Renegades hardly stood a chance against Avangar with JKS hard carrying their way through the first half only being the only player among the Aussies with a +1 kill difference but Jame was the star of the overall series playing instrumentally around a scrappy yet well-functioning Avangar. qikert was highest rated player for Avangar in the series with a rating of 1.62. They closed the match with a 16-6 score line and booked themselves a spot in the Grand Final.


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