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If you know Avalanche Studios, you have been playing action-adventure games for quite some time. Mad Max and Just Cause are two titles that immediately come to mind when you talk about Avalanche Studios. If you’re not in the know about these games or have fallen back and simply want to catch up, head up to the Epic store and grab Just Cause 4 for free. The game should give you a feel for how the genre is about, even though it has some serious optimization issues. Mad Max goes for sale frequently, and is a “fun but flawed experience”. A new leak suggests that Avalance might have a new game up for announcement pretty soon.

A new job listing on the official WB Games portal mentions the need for an associate lighting technical artist. What’s exciting is that the hiring is for a “soon to be announced AAA title”.

Avalanche Studios are hiring for a new "soon to be announced AAA title".

The job listing, otherwise, does not reveal too much about the nature of the project. It includes vague details about responsibilities and job requirements. The only point of detail seems to be that the new project is made in the Unreal Engine – which is interesting since all of Avalanche’s games are made in the Path engine.

Avalanche Studios isn’t a developer who rushes development for sequels, so a Just Cause 5 seems unlikely. What’s exciting would be a Mad Max sequel – or a completely new IP.

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