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Asus today launched a couple of new high-end motherboards based on the AMD X399 and Intel X299 platforms at CES 2019.

Nearly identical twins based on AMD X399 and Intel X299 platforms, these EATX monsters are loaded with PCIe slots for multi-GPU configs and NVMe slots for SSD RAID arrays. Both boards can run dual triple-slot graphics cards with a full 16 lanes of bandwidth each, and they have integrated heatsinks for at least three M.2 SSDs. The rest of the specs are as stacked as you’d imagine, with support for up to 128GB of memory across eight slots, loads of USB connectivity, and both Gigabit and 10G Ethernet built in. Each board also features premium extras like a LiveDash OLED display, exquisite aluminum armour, and our new Node connector for external devices. The Fan Extension Card II included with each board uses the Node interface to further expand the already generous assortment of cooling and lighting headers on the PCB.

The Alpha and Omega draw inspiration from the ROG Dominus Extreme, which takes high-end desktop motherboards to a whole ‘nother level for 28-core Skylake-X processors. Its massive 14” x 14” EEB form factor is populated with 12 memory slots with support for up to 192GB of DDR4 RAM, dual DIMM.2 modules with room for two NVMe SSDs each, dual U.2 ports for additional SSDs, and quad PCIe x16 slots spaced for a stack of dual-slot cards. More impressive than the sheer number of components is how they’re laid out, with connectors neatly clustered and lined up along the edges to help you create a clean-looking build. That includes the astonishing nine EATX power connectors, plus the 32 power stages arranged along the top edge. The Dominus Extreme is on display at CES 2019 inside a beautiful build guaranteed to turn heads.

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