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We’ve seen a lot of well-designed peripherals in our time. Custom designed peripherals from popular brands have become a norm rather than an exception. Most of these designs come from popular themes in competitive video games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six: Siege. Players really like associating with particular games, and that’s why there’s a need for custom gear in the market. Mousepads are some of the most important gear when it comes to playing competitive games. I’m not talking only FPS games – I’m talking MOBA, MMO, RTS – literally every genre out there can see improvements with a better mousepad. I personally fancy the SteelSeries Hyper Beast Qck mouse pad – it looks really cool! Astra has found a similar need to cater to people with specific needs. In fact, they have a contest going on where the community can determine the design of their mousepad.

Astra was launched with the aim of showcasing Indian talent in the hardware industry to the world at large (the word ‘Astra’ means ‘weapon’, a, and that’s exactly what the theme for the contest is. In case you’re still in the dark – it’s about highlighting the ethos and cultural richness that Indians are proud of. The competition, called Art Astra, promises one lucky winner the royalties on all sales of the mousepad within a year. The only requirements are that the design must be made with 2 or 3 colors at maximum, be minimalist by nature, and has a theme from Indian mythology.

A sample looks like the image below :-

If you’re interested, please head over here to fill up the form. The winner will be announced on the official Astra Facebook page soon, so stay tuned for updates.

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