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Its kinda industry standard now, that gaming companies have to announce game details officially but Ubisoft games are not made for official announcement. They are meant for leaks. So, another Ubisoft game got leaked, this time in an explicit way though.

Upcoming issue of Game Informer magazine has appeared online and it features Assassin’s Creed: Origins as the cover story. The magazine, which appeared on reddit, bobbed up to confirm every leak thus far: title, possible setting, character and available editions.

Leaked Game Informer magazine cover.

Development on Assassin’s Creed: Origins was soon begun after Unity. It is based in Egyptian setting taking place during the reign of Cleopatra, and includes large and small cities, including Memphis and Alexandria. Your character, Bayek – who is in his 30s – start off as a sheriff type character, Medjay, and afterwards become the founder of the Brotherhood. He is not the only playable character in the game but other character – as well as story – is kept as a secret for now.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins has a brand new combact system and AI. The leveling system is capped at 40, but visual customization won’t affect stats. There are three ability trees, which are Seer, Warrior and Hunter. There will be a compass at the left corner of the screen insteed of minimap. The NPC will be affected by the day/night cycle, and will eat, sleep, and even “answer the call of nature.”

The player can control an eagle called Senu and have Eagle vision this time around, however, it only highlights objects and not enemies. Also, your speed is determined by pressure on the analog stick and will have ability to crouch. You can climb on anything, including mountains and rocks, across the game.

Additionally, it is now possible to explore underwater areas and find treasures within ruins and sunken ships. The game will include challenging puzzles rather than simple switch mechanic. You can also equip two bows and two melee weapons at once or can use fists again.

Furthermore, players will be able to enjoy camel riding in the game and can fire multiple arrows at once while riding. Bayek can use a shield to deflect arrows, and can reuse enemy arrows stuck to his shield. You can no longer one hit enemies that are more powerful than you with your hidden blade.

Magazine page showing available editions.

The game comes with four available editions: Standard Edition priced at $59.99, Delux Edition comes at a price tag of $69.99, Gold Edition will include Deluxe Pack and season pass costing you $99.99. There’s also a Gold Steelbook Edition that will come with the Deluxe Pack, the season pass and a steelbook priced at $109.99. Pre-ordering will give you access to a mission titled The Secrets of the First Pyramids.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins will allegedly release on 27th October, as per Game Informer’s magazine, on PS4 and Xbox One. It is also optimised for Xbox Scorpio.

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