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Arkane Studios, the bright minds involved in the making of famous titles like Dishonored and Prey, might be looking to make some extra cash from future titles. Apart from the sales, that is.

The job listing for a “monetization designer” has been seen on the official Zenimax Careers page. The job responsibilities include implementation and design of “monetization related features and content in the natural continuity of the game’s creative direction” as well as for the design of “game features that monetize and re-engage players in a consumer-friendly way”. The job descriptions also mentions the term “in game currency”, so premium purchasable currency is likely an addition they are interested in, too.

 It is possible that the next game from Arkane Studios is likely to have some sort of microtransactions in them. Considering that Arkane had mostly focused on delivering quality singleplayer experiences so far, this is not at all a nice though.

Many studios under Zenimax Media have already implemented in-game monetization, most prominently Bethesda and id, so it makes sense that Arkane might want in that sweet stream of extra revenue too. The job listing comes at a time Rage 2 is rumored to sell “cheats” in the form of microtransactions.

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