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Been playing on the deserts of Scorched Earth and feel you’ve taken in every inch of the landscape? The Center and the Island too boring for you now? Get ready for a new map to be added as part of an expansion to the game? The better part? It’s free.

A new 144 sq. kilometer map, filled with tons of new resources to be harvested or gathered. New caves, where bases can be built, as well as new creatures to tame or hunt as you see fit. New dungeons to score loot and power level your character, as well as expansive biomes which reward the well-prepared and hardy explorer. Hot springs to bathe in, as well as lava crystals to harvest from lava eruptions from a volcano! Along with that comes a vast ocean with a more diverse ecosystem that ARK has ever known.

Ragnarok is out now for PC, available as a free download on Steam, and will hit consoles on 4th July. Ready to get your game on and join in the tussle for new territory on Ragnarok? Check out the trailer here for what a glimpse as what to expect on the new map : 

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