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If you enjoy survival games, and have some imagination, and want to build stuff “like one does in Minecraft”, ARK: Survival Evolved. Throw in dinosaurs and other extinct creatures into the mix, and we get to know why it has one of the highest player bases among all the survival games.

ARK : Survival Evolved had launched approximately two years back, and now has a vast amount of content in terms of survivor challenges, more creatures, innovative stuff to build, and lots more. Early Access time is now over, since the game has more or less the content promised by the developers at launch in Early Access.

Since ARK has only a few weeks left in Early Access, the Steam Retail Price for ARK has been increased to ensure parity with prices of the retail copies of the games at launch. The game, priced at 30$ during Early Access, now gets a price tag of 60$. So if you were dreaming of a home in a virtual world with dangerous creatures offering a challenge for survival, and you didn’t decide to actually take out the cash and buy it, be prepared to shell out an extra 30$ for the game, which is a hefty amount.

ARK : Survival Evolved launches from Early Access on the 8th of August for the PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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