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APL Esports will be organizing the Asia Pro League 3.0 for Rocket League in association with 1NE. The game will feature 8 prominent teams from Asia,who will fight it out for a section of the $3000 prize pool. The tournament will start on February 24, and continue for 8 weeks, with matches taking place every Sunday.

                                                                        The tournament will feature two qualifiers, one for India and one for Japan, where the 3 best teams will advance directly into the main event. 2 teams will be invited from China. The Indian qualifier will take place on February 9, which will be played on ASM servers, and the Japanese qualifier will take place on February 16, which will be played on Japanese servers. The tournament will be played in the 3v3 format. Qualifiers and the main event will be live streamed on Twitch.

                                                                                                               Asia Pro League is something Asian Rocket League fans can certainly look forward to, as the tournament rivals RLCS in terms of production quality and organization. Not to mention that there are cool perks for the audience, especially if they want to chip in some cash. Players good at driving miniature cars and scoring goals by shooting a gigantic ball through the hoops can go ahead and register their squad here for the tournament.

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