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Enjoying the fast paced brutal battle royale action in Apex Legends? Your experience is about to get a lot better. The first season of Apex Legends is here, and it introduces the first battle pass for the game. Earn up to 100 unique skins and cosmetics through leveling up your Battle Pass.

                           The Battle Pass comes in two varieties. The ‘base’ edition unlocks access to the Battle Pass, allowing players to grind for cosmetics. The Battle Pass bundle unlocks 25 levels in the Battle Pass, reducing the grind immensely. The Battle Pass has upto 100 levels of cosmetics to unlock, so 25 free levels is not something which one can dismiss easily. Both purchases unlock the Lifeline Revolutionary skin, the Wraith Survivor skin, and the Mirage Outlaw skin instantly.

                                                              The Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins to unlock, while 2800 Apex Coins unlock the Battle Pass Bundle. If you’re too broke to afford any of these, you get one Wild Frontier skin, 5 Apex packs and 18 Wild Frontier stat trackers anyway for just playing during the first season of Apex Legends.

                                                                                              The Battle Pass comes to Apex on March 19. Are you ready for a wild,wild ride?

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