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AORUS, a premium gaming brand by GIGABYTE is proud to announce its attendance at COMPUTEX 2018. This year AORUS is ready to put on a show with its latest gaming hardware and gears ready for reveal. At the private VIP suite on 36F in Taipei 101, the entire AORUS family will be highlighted in AORUS Gaming Corner a special showcase arranged in various gaming themes, each with its own dedicated PC build and layout to assemble dream gaming setups for the enthusiasts.

AORUS Family Welcomes New Members
AORUS expands into new territory this year, debuting its first RGB DDR4 3200MHz memory modules. The new DDR4 memory lineup is designed to light up the system with stunning RGB illumination, while offering superior reliability and performance.

AORUS will also launch the revision of the flagship 17.3” gaming laptop X9 DT, featuring the first Intel Core™ i9 overclockable processor. Other new gaming hardware and peripherals will be introduced at the show, including the first Intel Core i+ ready Z370 AORUS Gaming 7-OP motherboard with built-in 32GB Optane memory, the AP850W Power Supply Unit, the M5 gaming mouse, the AMP900 mouse pad, and more. These new gears, together with the rest of the AORUS family, form a full AORUS gaming ecosystem that is well synced by GIGABYTE RGB Fusion technology for a next-level PC gaming experience.

AORUS Gaming Corner: Gamers’ Paradise
At the private VIP suite in Taipei 101, AORUS puts together Gaming Corner, a very special showcase dedicated to ultimate gaming setups. As soon as the guests walk through the suite door, they will immediately step into a gaming world loaded with the latest and coolest AORUS hardware and technology.

Inside the showroom, 3 gaming setups are arranged with each having its unique theme. The battlestation setup boasts a complete AORUS PC system and peripherals built specifically for competitive eSports gaming. The next theme focuses on the higher end with a fully decked out triple-monitor racing cockpit powered by AORUS hardware. For content creators who are passionate about gaming, a clean, sophisticated work/entertainment studio setup featuring AORUS gaming laptops is a perfect fit for them.

These gaming setups are further enhanced with ambient lighting, room fragrance, and complementary energy drinks to create an even more immersive gaming-friendly environment that captivates gamers’ all senses. Invited guests are welcomed to immerse themselves in the AORUS Gaming Corner at COMPUTEX 2018 for a feast for the senses as well.

Where to Find AORUS at COMPUTEX 2018
In addition to the invite-only VIP suite at Taipei 101, visitors could also drop by GIGABYTE booth at TWTC Hall 1, Booth D0002 to see more AORUS product showcase from June 5 to June 9.

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