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Independent developers Antreya Studios are encouraging their community to take part in the development of their upcoming MMORPG titled Antreya Chronicles Online. The way they have decided to do this is through their C3 Event, which was announced through their IndieDB page.
What exactly is the C3 Event though? C3 stands for Community Contribution Competition. This event has no end date in mind but plans to have two winners at the end of each month for both of the contests offered in this competition. The two contests are:

Short Story Contest – this is where the writers create a story that can fit within the lore of Antreya and the winner will have their short story turned into a playable side quest in the game.

Concept Artist Contest – this is where the artists create an original design for the current month’s focus item, which is updated shortly after the last month’s winner is announced.

The full break down of the C3 Event can be found here: https://www.indiedb.com/games/antreya-chronicles-online/news/c3-community-contribution-competition

While Antreya Chronicles Online isn’t yet available to be played, you can check on the status of the game and prepare yourself for our upcoming plans through our Devlogs. There is a new update posted each month directly on the IndieDB page. The wait to play this game won’t be much longer as we are planning to have an Early Access version up on Steam by Q4 2018.
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