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For all playing the looter-shooter, the action is about to get hotter, particularly if you are the proud owner of a new RTX card. Anthem gears up with a new update that adds DLSS to the game. According to NVIDIA, the update is all geared to boost the performance of the game by upto 40% on RTX cards.

                                                 DLSS is a new technology for improving visual quality and provide better edge smoothing (or anti-aliasing) than ever before. Using the tensor cores the RTX cards come equipped with, DLSS uses a neural network to sample the image multiple times to improve image clarity. DLSS provides a huge performance boost as opposed to the temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA), which also is a rendering technique unique to NVIDIA cards.

                     Bioware and NVIDIA have been working closely together to optimize Anthem and make the experience smoother and better than before.

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