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One of the biggest advantages of building a PC is that one gets a large variety of parts to choose from. Cabinets is one of the fundamental parts of the CPU, housing all of the main components inside it. A good cabinet is necessary to ensure good air flow, so that the main components don’t heat up too easily, beside allowing connection through multiple ports on it (and also an RGB panel which allows you to show off in front of your friends). There are a large number of cabinets in the market to choose from, with market leaders like Antec and Cooler Master producing some of the best designs. One of Antec’s latest innovations is the DF500 RGB cabinet, designed for excellence.

The DF500 is a versatile and spacious mid-tower cabinet with an in-built RGB controller.

The DF500 is a versatile mid-tower cabinet.

For an RGB cabinet, it’s all about the RGB! The RGB controller has many built-in lighting modes, and motherboard synchronization helps take color customization to a different level. Now make your own colors, as complicated as they can be.

RGB fans with built in motherboard sync allow infinite color customization.

If the cabinet itself doesn’t give you the extra wows, showing off the rest of the build will certainly make a few jaws drop. With the dark tinted front panel, and the tempered glass side panel, ensure that everyone gets to see the rest of your setup inside the cabinet.

The front and side panels ensure that people can have a sneak peak at the hottest parts of your rig.

The connectors for your headset, a spare mic (or the one which comes with the headset), as well as the USB ports on the front of the cabinet, which means that one always has easy access to ports for connections. The RGB button is also on the front, which is used to toggle the RGB lighting.

Access data on your USB drives and connect your headset and mic with ease on the DF500.

The 4mm darkened tempered glass window and dark tinted transparent front panel let you show off your build in a bold,striking style.

Show off your build through the front and side panels.

With the three pre-installed RGB fans, never worry about components heating up, while enjoying the vibrant colors which light them up.

The RGB lighting on the three pre-installed fans makes for a pretty display.

The DF500 is an extremely flexible cabinet, being compatible with ATX, micro-ATX as well as mini-ATX motherboards. It also supports CPU coolers upto a size of 165 mm, besides being able to boast of having enough space to house a graphics card that is upto 380 mm long. It also supports HDDs upto a size of 3.5 inches, and SSDs upto a size of 2.5 inches.

The DF500 is extremely spacious,accomodating the broadest graphics card of the current generation.

The front of the case can support two additional 120 mm as well as 140 mm fans. Now you can decide how the right cooling to maximize the airflow potential while maintaining a silent PC.

Being able to support extra fans beside the three already provided means you get to set up the ideal airflow conditions inside the cabinet.

That’s one hell of a market changer, and is a pretty good response from Antec to the newest cabinets being released on the market (with some of them being RGB cabinets themselves).

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