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Independent studio Pixel Reef led by renowned game creator Eric Chahi (Another World, From Dust) is today launching their new game Paper Beast: Folded Edition on PC (Steam and Epic) published by Plug in Digital.

The game is based on this years VR hit Paper Beast and opens up the surprising adventure that features a fantastic game world, with a real-time ecosystem filled with bizarre creatures and wildlife, up to PC players (no VR headset required) with completely reworked from the ground up controls to provide the optimum experience on PC. Owners of the VR version will automatically receive access to the Folded Edition.

What critics said about PaperBeast VR

  • “…powerful, and deeply affecting” – The Verge

  • “You should do what you can to play Paper Beast” – Eurogamer

  • “A gorgeous simulated ecosystem” Rock Paper Shotgun

Why try Paper Beast: Folded Edition?

Paper Beast: Folded Edition invites you into a world of  fascinating and exotic creatures that live in a mysterious, living, breathing world that is fully alive with a real time ecosystem. Observe and interact to form delicate bonds with the Paper Beasts to learn the rules of the land (from physics-based rules to creature behaviour patterns), experiment and solve environmental puzzles. Save them from predators or natural dangers, shape the environment, and avoid digital storms on a journey through this new world, or create your own rules in sandbox mode.

About Eric Chahi
Éric Chahi is the legendary video game designer who helped shape the video game medium with his games Another World (1991), Heart of Darkness (1998) and From Dust (2011). Another World was a critical and commercial hit worldwide and has been ported to dozens of platforms, including current gen platforms, after its original Amiga and Atari ST release. One of the most influential games from the 90’s, Another World continues to inspire creators to this day.

Language support and price

Paper Beast: Folded Edition will be available for €/$16,99. The game will have a 10% promotion on the first launch week! The current Steam VR version of Paper Beast will be sold in a bundle with the Folded Edition for €/$19,99. Paper Beast will be playable in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.


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