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1C is proud to announce that Ancestors Legacy, the upcoming history-inspired squad-based real-time strategy developed by Destructive Creations, has added eye tracking support to its feature list. Teaming up with Tobii Gaming, experts in both flat-screen and VR tracking of user sightlines and related gear, the game’s developers now offer three new ways for users to move the in-game camera. All three are implemented in the PC Beta version as of now, and will be available in the final game right from its release on 22 May 2018.

Players equipped with Tobii eye tracking hardware will surely savor the extended options for camera control that the precise tracking of their focal point enables: Extended View – moving the camera in the Action Camera mode adds more immersion to the harsh atmosphere of battles; Bungee Zoom – hands-free panning over the map in the top-down view and zooming in on potential targets improves player navigation; Center at Gaze – moving the map according to a steady focal point always keeps the map centered in the middle of the screen.

“Teaming up with us and adding eye tracking to an RTS game like Ancestors Legacy further expands the options in which developers can enable players to control their units, move across the battlefield and gain an overall tactical advantage. Immersion in the game becomes deeper with eye tracking, as the added features help create a more natural feel to navigation and virtually expand the borders of one’s monitor screen,” says Ebbe Strandell, R&D Program Manager at Tobii Gaming.

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