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Alchemist Adventure update adds new regions, collectibles, characters, gear and more

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Publisher and developer Bad Minions have some excellent news for players currently enjoying the Early Access version of their alchemical and elemental action-adventure title, Alchemist Adventure. Today, the third and latest update has arrived, and it takes players to all-new regions, adds new collectibles and cosmetics, fresh gear, new characters, and most importantly, the Round Flask, a handy new explosive device sure to shake things up!

Titled Exploring Isur, the update adds the following and more:

New Regions


  • Lava River: A dangerous river of lava with some obstacles to be overcome;
  • Plains: You will be able to fully explore and discover some secrets already lost;
  • Forest: A region full of creatures and challenges, home of the Rosin;
  • The Maze: A giant maze with an incredible reward for those who complete it;
  • Sewers: A place full of secrets;
  • Isur, South District: region of many abandoned houses near a river;

World Map:

New Flask

This update introduces the Round Bottom Flask, giving players access to a powerful explosive bomb!

Quality of Life Updates

  • Added new elemental traps inside the volcano and in the battle against the Crystalis
  • Improved ingredients drop rate for rare ingredients
  • Added subtitle personalization system: It is now possible to enable/disable subtitles and change the color and size;
  • General improvements to some sound effects and ambient music;

Alchemist Adventure is currently available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access. The full game will launch in Q4 2020 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Keep up to date with Alchemist Adventure by following the game on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or through the official website.


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