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It seems that Microsoft is actually keen to reboot the Age of Empires series. Considering the fact that it was the first game that truly made the RTS genre shine, it feels really good to see it back. The first two games of the series got a pretty decent makeover, with the remaster improving the graphical fidelity to keep it at par with today’s standards. It seems extremely unlikely that the third game in the series wouldn’t get a remaster – even though public perception about the third game was dismal, to say the least. A new leak suggests that the remaster for Age of Empires 3 would be coming very soon.

There’s a new rating for Age of Empires 3 : Definitive Edition in Brazil, which mentions the rating for the game to be recommended for teens age 12 and above. There’s no definite release date mentioned as of yet, except for ‘2020’, which does mean that we would be getting the game sometime this year.

Age of Empires 3 has been officially rated in Brazil.

What is truly saddening is the dearth of news about Age of Empires 4 after the last trailer. COVID-19 has been hard on all developers, and it seems that Microsoft isn’t any different (especially since the new sequel is an in-house game). Let’s hope to get more news about it during the Xbox showcase next week.

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