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Aaero the game is a real musical roller-coaster ride made by the company Reverb and Mad Fellows . What made me play through this game was the audio and visual combination of the soundtracks offered by the developers . The player literally has to drop them beats to score higher scores, well shooting ‘treble’ AI targets don’t hurt either. Graphics quality looked a bit symmetric at times but as the game progresses it finds itself developing through the dubstep induced tracks.

Aaero, is a game that synergizes high-speed sci-fi shooting action with immersive music elements to deliver an amazing audio-visual experience. The game was released for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Developed by Mad Fellows, Aaero was released on 11th April 2017.


Detailed Review

Gameplay And Mechanics

Since the start you can feel the music present as the pretext of the game and has to be followed (better use headphones )and I am no musician but have have to feel the music to anticipate the bass drops hit the points. The gameplay involves the user’s cursor or pointer to follow the lightning line (rhythm of the song) to fill the multipliers bar gain point. The overall point system could have been improved as following the line gives a vague scoring experience.There is a serious problem involving the shoot and aim system as it was out of sync throughout the track. The song selection can be felt erratic at first nevertheless it improves very smoothly as the levels progress. The beats of the game could have been made easier to traverse yet they were enjoyable after a few attempts . All in all the gameplay is tough to master at first few attempts but it grips you as you groove to the beats.

Graphics Sound and Performance

The graphics were probably the one of the few things that kept the game together .Visual representation of music was the pivotal feature of the game as you literally had to play inside the rhythm of the song. Though all was flashy and techno the graphics demanded a few more structural changes.i,e.the minions kept looking symmetrically deformed after each appearance. The pitch of the game is well managed as the game progresses and background settings change accordingly. The developers could have gone low on the flashy neon signs though some may find it trippy(helping the game accordingly). The after-effects of explosions give you the feel of 2010s graphic quality.


AaerO on the whole is a smartly built game using the techno tunes and mixing it up with a shooter delivering a unique musical cocktail of a game. The scoring concept can have a steep curve but its fun when you grasp the beat to complete the tracks. The level system should have a better configuration but nevertheless the game as a package can make it bearable for the user to play it through. The techno theme can be improved given the graphic quality which can be said to be said average at best in comparison to other AAA games.

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