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A large update kicks in for Project Downfall, with new tweaks, new levels, and a new cyberpunk downfall path

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What path will you choose? If you want to see the truth, like Neo did – take the red pill. But if you wanna turn berserk mode on, then the blue pill should be your choice. Remember, though, that whichever path you choose, it will have its consequences – and now, more than ever before, as a big boost of content is coming to Project Downfall with the new, mad update.

Don’t forget to add the game to your wishlist on Steam ( so as not to miss any updates on its development. Additionally, starting tomorrow (18.07.2019), at 10.00 a.m. Pacific time, the price of the game will be reduced by 30%. The promotion will last 14 days.

And if you’ve already tested the Early Access version of the game, then prepare for quite a new challenge, as a lot of fresh content has just been added to the game. Some of new changes include:

•    New nonlinear paths and levels with multistaged levels (every main path now has a minimum of eight of them) with loads of new possibilities to access optional routes;
•    Improved and extended consequences, and a sanity system;
•   Further tweaks to the new aiming system: with a centered crosshair (replacing the previously used hybrid 3d scanner) and updated tracers – you’ll shoot, and you’ll hit exactly what you aimed at;
•   The game got even harder (sorry, no more casual mode) and longer, with around 2.5–3 hours for just one chosen path on normal difficulty;
•   Change the bloom intensity, headbob, constant run, along with a multitude of gamepad settings and a brand-new awareness system which will give visual feedback with blindside incoming danger.
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