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I’ve been playing video games ever since I could remember. I’ve never been discouraged by my friends and family (not more than the usual anyway). And I can proudly say that I am a GAMER.

But there’s ONE thing I can’t stand…..Anti Gamers! Anti Gamers can be of any age or sex, and they comprise of people who think gaming is bad for you or that it’s for kids/immature people or that it makes you violent or that it’s a bad influence on their kids. They come with these hogwash and completely irrelevant examples and blame it on the games.

First of all, Anti Gamers think video games are a waste of time. What they fail to understand is that video gaming is a form of entertainment just like watching movies or TV shows. If you want people to stop playing video games, you should stop people from watching movies! Games aren’t only a mere form of entertainment, they provide an alternate (and somewhat perfect) world where most of us gamers get to live out our fantasies, and it’s one HELL of a stress buster! (That’s just one of the various advantages of gaming)


Anti gamers think we have no social lives, which is absolutely baseless. You can’t be an introvert JUST because you’re playing a video game! I do admit it takes up an amount of your time, but so does Football or Cricket or Chess or Studying or Beer Binging! Everything that you love doing will take a part of your life, it will like anything else in this world, Take TIME. If anything video games create a portal for introverts to express themselves and try out interactions virtually, making them more confident of responding in real life.

They think playing video games are for kids and anyone who plays video games are immature. Well I just have TWO words for all of them….DARK….SOULS….. I believe that video games have actually developed a sense of maturity in me rather than making me immature. The games where we have to take decisions, which may come back to haunt us later on are the ones who play a major role in fostering this sense of maturity.  It’s been heavily documented that video games increase decision making abilities and even help people value reward and risk in their daily lives. How’s THAT for us “immature gamers”?

If video games have taught me anything, it’s that if you encounter enemies, you’re moving in the right direction.


And then there’s the issue of people playing video games being violent! Just because a few violent people played video games, people think video games are the reason for their violence. That’s probably one of the dumbest things I’ve heard! If videogames really did cause violence, I wonder what kind of video games Jack The Ripper and Adolf Hitler played! Also a 100% of violent criminals eat food, JUST SAYING…


Yes, a few of these allegations could be true in some cases of excess gaming……of course, an excess of anything is bad for anyone, even gaming, and it’s important to keep it under control……but the ones saying that those who enjoy their adventures in the digital realm are losers who need to get a life, are the people with the real problem here…..


I, for one, have never really been a fan of the outside world, and I prefer spending my time indoors and alone in front of a screen with my controller in my hand, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any friends, or I don’t spend time with anyone! We gamers are just normal people with a hobby of playing video games, we’re not aliens you know!

My outside experience in a nutshell
My outside experience in a nutshell

To any anti gamers reading this, I want to let you know that gaming is my passion, and I humbly request you all not to insult my passion with your monstrous perversions! I hope I’ve been able to change your opinions about us gamers to atleast a slight extent!

gamers please do share your encounters with these anti gamers in the comments below….

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