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One of the most promising yet underrated e-sports in the country is FIFA. India does have a small and relatively local scene for FIFA tournaments. What’s amazing is that despite the main focus of the country being on CSGO and DOTA 2, the country has produced better e-athletes in the field of FIFA. If you’re one of those who’re eager for one of these tournaments, then 90 Minutes or More (popularly abbreviated as 90MM) has something exciting in the works.

For someone who isn’t in the know about who 90 Minutes & More are, they started off as a bunch of friends dabbling in innate conversations and indulging ferocious debates on the various aspects and nitty-gritty of football. The group has conducted over 50 online events to date – including TTT, debates, quizzes, fantasy tournaments among tons of others. They organized their first FIFA tournament at Zone Cafe in Kolkata last year.

FIFA enthusiasts can expect a new FIFA tournament at Kolkata sponsored by XRIG and Clarion Computers. Interested people need to register before they appear for the tournament, which they can do here. The tournament shall be in FIFA 20 and the winner gets to walk away with the bragging rights as well as handsome cash prizes.




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