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Hearthstone is celebrating a virtual milestone of attracting 70 million active players who play the card game online regularly. Blizzard Entertainment is thankful to the crowd for being attracted to the card game, and also for daily spikes in the number of active players.

In order to celebrate the milestone as well as thank the players for helping them achieve the same, Blizzard is giving away 3 free Journey to Un’Goro packs as a reward to anyone who logs into the game during the month of May. In order to claim the bonus packs, one has to simply log in to the game during the month of May.

These was the official statement issued by Blizzard :


“It’s a good thing that there’s always room for one more, because the tavern has now welcomed over 70 Million players! On top of that, with Journey to Un’Goro, Hearthstone had more players playing together on the same day—around the whole world—than at any point in its history!

The Next Round’s on US!

We’re humbled and grateful that so many players have chosen to join us for some Hearthstone fun. As our way of saying thanks, starting today through the end of May, everyone who logs in will receive three free Journey to Un’Goro card packs. Yup! Everyone! Even new players! Just log in to claim your bonus packs!


We look forward to sharing many more years of Hearthstone with you. Hold on to your mug, and let’s find out where the journey will take us, together!”

The three rewarded packs, calmly waiting to be opened. (Don’t glance at the gold amount)

Awarding players new packs, specifically that of Un’Goro, was a very welcome move among the players. Un’Goro is considered a very expensive expansion for the game, because of the large number of legendaries, out of which there are two class legendaries for each class, which means that in order to harness a decent amount of cards, one has to spend quite a lot of money and time to grind for packs. Giving away free Un’Goro packs at a time like this, in order to help players keep up, is a highly welcome move by the community.

Pulled a golden legendary from the free packs? Let us know in the comments below.

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