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Guys, how many times as an Indian you think as like as the Hollywood films which has there own-based video games, needs the same treatment to our Bollywood movies(I bet you think that before).

We can’t ignore the fact that many of the Hollywood movies were turned into a successful Video game franchise like Stars Wars and Batman, to name a couple. And many games have been turned into big budget films like Tomb Raider, and Prince Of Persia. But the picture is different in India as most of the movies have had their games but kept limited to mobile phones. But that’s not the problem, the problem to put it in a civil manner “is their mobile games were just nothing more than a sh*t. But that’s a topic for another day because TODAY we are going to discuss about the top Bollywood movies that needs some video game therapy.

(*Note – The following movies were nothing had to do with the games’ story which they are compared with, its just for an idea of how the movie will looks when it given the following games’ look)

5 : : Border needs MGSV therapy

Imagine the Border movie with some MGSV touch. It would be awesome if the movie has the same feel, cinematic and gameplay of MGSV. Border is the highest-grossing Indian film of 1997 which depicts the war between India and Pakistan. If the movie transform into the game it needs to be like MGSV. I would like to see Sunny Deol as Punished “Venom” Snake in the game, who ventures into Pakistan and the Indo-Pakistan border for his revenge.

4 : : Dhoom needs Thief(2014) therapy

No doubts, Dhoom movie series needs to be a game series like Thief. In which the movie’s main protagonist (which is a thief himself) plays the role of thief (duh!) like the main protagonist in the Thief game series, Garrett. But the game would be different from Thief itself, as it would takes plot in modern times with modern weapons, tools and new ways to heist.

3 : : Bajrangi Bhaijaan needs Rise of Tomb Raider therapy

What happens when Bajrangi Bhaijaan turns into Lara Croft (I mean just like her, but not her). If it would happen then the game will focused on how Salman would take her Munni to her home from Pakistani soldiers but its not going to be that easy as he had to face too many obstacles and had to use survival skills just like Lara Croft, and the game holds a twist within it as he also needs to keep Munni safe through all this mayhem (it would be a great two-player game).

2 : : Krrish needs Batman Arkham therapy

On second spot we have India’s beloved superhero Krrish. The movie has its own game but as we said in the starting para, they are kept limited to mobiles. But what if the movie had given the same treatment as given to Batman. If it will happen then the demand for this superhero will rise through out all gamers. If it would happen then we will see Krrish as Batman and follows the storyline of how Krrish confronts villains and fight crime to keep India a crime-proof country.

1 : : Baahubali needs The Witcher 3 therapy

And at last but not least, we have one of the highest grosser movies of 2015. Baahubali : The Beginning needs to be molted into a massive open-world RPG like The Witcher 3. I would like to see Witcher’s magnificent and wonderfully designed environment to be converted into Baahubali‘s fictional world. Both the movie and game has their own benchmarks and they both separately sets a new level in their respected industry. I would like to see Baahubali‘s historical world tie up with Witcher’s awesome gameplay and graphics.

WHAT bollywood movies would you like to see, making a transition from the silver screen onto gaming platforms. Let us know in the comments.

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