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Building a PC is no easy task and requires a lot of research and patience, especially if you want to have good knowledge of the parts going into the PC. Many people who are new to the PC building, often set limits on the budget of building one without flexibility, which makes building a PC difficult. Also keeping in mind that many people would want a console level performance at the same price point this PC is one that you can build at 35K INR. The prices given below are online prices and may vary from place to place in the local market. Personally I prefer you get it from the market or from a dealer in your city, because he can immediately attend to your problem if one crops up.

CPU AMD FX 4300- 6.5K INR



The AMD FX 4300 is the best CPU for this segment just because of the fact that it has 4 cores unlike it’s Intel counterpart, i3 which has 2 cores. Games these days take full advantage of multiple cores and sometimes even require them. It is also a solid performing CPU and has proven very good for gaming purposes and it’s 4 GHz clock frequency makes it a steal for the amount you are paying for.

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Motherboard Asus M5A78L-M-USB3 4.5 INR


Since the PC is based on an AMD CPU, Intel motherboards will not be compatible with the the setup. This motherboard by features an AM3+ socket type has 4 RAM slots supporting DDR3 RAM of all frequencies, 2 USB 3 ports and a plethora of other features make this an important part of your arsenal for a low budget gaming PC.

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Nvidia Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750 Ti Graphics Card- 10K INR


The GTX 750 Ti is a very decent gaming GPU. It has been shown to give decent performance when paired with decent CPUs. I was going to suggest a GTX 950 but then the GTX 750 Ti is not very far off in terms of price and is also a bang for the buck card. It gives low-mid settings on 1080p 30 FPS on games like The Division and Hitman, which is good for a card of 10K INR. Games from 2014 and pre-2014 (Except maybe Crysis) will run on 1080p 60 FPS without much hassle. It will practically run anything till 2018-2019, maybe even longer, provided the fact that you are willing to tone down the settings and resolutions for getting playable frame-rates.

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RAM G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 8 GB- 3K INR


8 GB is a standard amount of RAM in every kinds of PCs these days, but this stick runs at 1600 MHz which is great for both gaming and most daily use applications. You could go for a cheaper RAM that has less frequency but definitely go for an 8 GB stick. These days games truly require 8 GB of RAM and the price of RAM is rather cheap, so if you wanna do justice to your gaming PC, do go with an 8 GB stick.

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Storage- WD 1TB Caviar Blue 1 TB- 3.5K INR


Hard disk is not much of an issue as an overall part of the PC because anything you buy from either Seagate or WD will go down a long way. The hard disk is reliable and comes with a 2 year warranty. I could have gone with a 240 GB SSD, that would be a bit costlier, but that would be very impractical unless you want to keep only 2-3 games at a time.

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Circle Gaming Cabinet CC 820– 3.1K INR


This cabinet is aesthetically basic and does not look very appealing, but the interior gets the job done with decent ventilation and space. With 3 expansion slots, decent space and a nice set of USB ports, it is one of the most value for money PC cabinets out there and for as low as about 2500 INR, it is probably the best in the range. If you are a creative person and don’t mind spending a bit more on your PC, you could mod the case to your taste without much trouble.

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PSU Corsair VS450 450 Watts- 2.6K INR


As for the PSU I went with a this one because it is Bronze certified and will also leave room for any minor future upgrades you’ like to do. The above system will require about 280W and hence there will be enough headroom for an extra RAM stick or hard drives or maybe even a better processor.

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Total Budget- 33.5K INR

Note- These are the amazon prices of the products and if you are to buy from a local dealer, the parts will be cheaper and altogether the PC will cost you a tad bit less after which there can be space for changing parts. I’ve not included the LAN cards and the optical drives because;

i) WLAN cards are very cheap these days and any basic LAN card will do.

ii) Optical Drives are obsolete (And cheap as well). If you’ll be buying games from Steam there’s no point of a CD Drive. And anyways, these days with the release of humongous patches, you’ll be required to download GBs and GBs of data, for which Steam would be better.

iii) Also we have not considered the cost of an OS, which retails for around 5-6K. Going strictly with PC parts, this build is done well within the budget. The corners you could cut would be the cabinet, but make sure that you get a well ventilated one.

This PC will give you a decent performance on 1080p and will rock anything below that resolution. There is a certain overclocking possibility, but for that the motherboard will have to be a bit more on the higher side for stable overclocking. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to run games on this PC till the end of this console cycle, which is still a good bargain. Do let us know your thoughts on the build and let us know the budget you’d like to see. Any and all queries are welcome. Adios amigos.

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