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During Take-Two’s fiscal year earnings report, the company revealed how much they’ve made money from games like GTA 5 (with 80m copies shipped), Mafia 3 (with 5m copies sold), and NBA 2K17 (which sold over 8m units).

As evident, 2K announces this year’s annual iteration of WWE 2K game – WWE 2K18 – and confirms it’s fall release. The announcement comes from 2K’s official Twitter handle for WWE 2K games.

Last year’s 2K17 had over 130 suerstars making it the largest roster ever created for a wrestling game. It was also well received by game critics, though we didn’t like it as much as everyone does ’cause it has its own faults.

As our review of WWE 2K17 states, it fails to offer great single player experience. And, the problem with both modes, MyCareer and Universe Mode, is that they are too grindy and generic to incite any kind of long term commitment to both modes. It also has high loading times each time when you start a match with beautiful UN-SKIPPABLE intros to each show.

Here’s our verdict of WWE 2K17:

There are things to like about the WWE 2K17. IF you have skipped the past 2 iterations in the franchise. For someone who played WWE 2K16, there is not a lot to offer, except for an updated roster which contains, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Nakamura. And maybe that’s worth something. The game is getting closer to an actual WWE show, and its an encouraging sign, but it has improved far too less on its last iteration to be considered a great game on its own.

I’m also excited to see some new names in the game like Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy who will make their first ever appearance in 2K’s WWE game.

Well, let’s see how WWE 2K18 plans to over perform it’s predecessor, which in itself is a great westling game. Though they’ve yet to disclose about the platform for the game, last year’s 2K17 releases on PS4, PS3, Xbox​360, Xbox One and PC.

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