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The hottest place of competition in the esports scene right now is the Master League of the ESL India Premiership, being filled with the best esports teams in the country. The structure of the ESL India Premiership might change, but the legends participating in the tournament don’t change. The third invitee to the CSGO Master League is none other than the ‘promising underdogs’ – 2ez Gaming.

Being one of the underdogs in the scene for long, trying to make their way up the ladder in the hyper-competitive world of esports, 2ez Gaming eventually became one of the main teams in every big event. Having sported decent performances in the GOTV.GG qualifiers as well as in the DreamHack Masters SEA Qualifiers, and in the recently qualified Gods of Gaming tournament (where they were overrun by Eternal Esports in the quarter finals). Can the ‘underdogs’ get their game on at the highest levels of competition?

2ez Gaming join as the third invitee in the pool of competitors for the CSGO Master League, the previous two invitees being Team Brutality and Entity Gaming.

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