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2015 was a great year. Both next gen console finally started hitting their strides, and while the early part of the year was dominated by Bloodborne, the later part of the year was all about HALO and Tomb Raider. Of course there was the small business of games like The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, and Fallout 4. PC had its day in the sun too, with sleeper hits like ARK. For games we thought were the best of the lot, check out our MUST PLAY GAMES OF 2015.

But that’s all in the past, and its about time we look into the future. 2016 is upon us, and the games slated for release this year is downright astounding. The 4 editors over here at IndianNoob, sat down and told each other what games were we most looking forward to. After quite a lot of chair bashing, hair pulling, and generally abusive behavior, we decided upon the below 10. So while the 4 of us go lick our wounds in different corners of the room, why don’t you go through the list, and shake your head either in agreement or in denial, as you read through our list.

Dues Ex: Mankind Divided

(PS4, Xbox One, Windows) || August 23, 2016

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a well received game, and was accepted by the critics as one of the better RPGs. Mankind Divided starts off two years after the events of Human Revolution and is set in Prague. Adam Jensen is overloaded with even more badassery this time around with the slick hair, the sort of cyborg suit, the sweet new augmentations and the goggles, but mainly due to the goggles. Just have a look at the trailer and judge for yourself.


-Pratyush Raj

Horizon Zero Dawn

(PS4) || 2016

We have said this in our previous posts that we are eagerly awaiting Horizon Zero Dawn not because it has amazing gameplay, not because it has amazing graphics, not because there seems to be a badass female protagonist, not because the story is based in the future’s future but because we get to kill huge T-rexinators and other dinosaurs with a frigging bow and arrow. All the people who saw it’s reveal at E3 were simply blown away. You could feel the excitement in the air just by seeing the video. The game, being an open world adds even more to the excitement. So keep your wallets ready for this one.


-Pratyush Raj

Mass Effect Andromeda

(PS4, Xbox One, Windows) || December 2016

There are a handful of games which survive the relevancy across time-periods. Mass Effect is one of them. Now that the series is no longer exclusive to Microsoft, Mass Effect Andromeda will be coming to all takers from a galaxy far far away. Sorry I had to do that. But a new hero, a new Meko, and a whole new galaxy to explore is too exciting to pass up on.


-Ayush Chauhan

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

(PS4, Xbox One, Windows) || May 24, 2016

Open world games are becoming a trend now and what better way to explore the world in a futuristic city as a girl, with a first person perspective, jumping across skyscrapers, running on walls and hitting baddies in the face with the momentum of your body. The game is like an origin story of Faith, who was the protagonist of the previous game, which became a cult classic after some years of it’s release. I have high hopes for this game and hope that it delivers to the expectations.


-Pratyush Raj

No Man’s Sky

(PS4, Windows) || June 2016

This game has been at development for quite some time now and boasts of a huge open world, with explorable planets and a huge universe. The developers are claiming that no single person can complete the game in his/her life time. The main objective is quite simple- Reach the centre of the universe. The game boasts a procedurally generated environment which means that you’ll never run into the same thing twice unless you have visited it before. The concept is awesome and I would definitely like to try it out.


-Pratyush Raj

Quantum Break

(Xbox One) || April 5, 2016

Since I was a little kid, one superpower I’ve always wanted was to stop time, and with Quantum Break coming soon, I can live my fantasy through a controller in my hand! The game comprises of 2 characters: Jack Joyce and Paul Serene, with separate powers. Jack can stop time (How Epic Is That!) and Paul can see into the future. With stunning visuals and pretty awesome gameplay, This is definitely one game to look out for this year!


-Tanmay Dixit


(Xbox One, Windows) || 2016

There’s not much we’ve got to know about the game, other than the trailer, in which there’s a young woman wandering the desert with a robotic dog, who explores a vault, and is attacked by robots, which the dog destroys by self destructing. But the Blue Orb within the dog remains, which she places within a huge humanoid robot, which seems to recognize her. The trailer looks pretty amazing, and I’m guessing you have the ability to make multiple companions/change the body of your companions depending on the robot bodies you find. These unique ideas make the game worth checking out!



-Tanmay Dixit

Star Citizen

(Windows, Linux) || 2016

The hype surrounding this game is absolutely huge. It is the most ambitious game in human history, combining a variety of genres such as MMO, Flight Sim, FPS and a persistent open world. It holds the record for most crowdfunded game in the Guiness Book. The game is promising so much that, even if the game is able to fulfill half of them, the game would still be awesome. We have covered this game a lot in 2015 and we don’t need to say much.


-Pratyush Raj

The Division

(PS4, Xbox One, Windows) || 2016

Imagine roaming the streets (or whats left of it) of a ruined new york city with your friends online, battling it out with other teams using CRAZY high tech weaponry and all this is occurring with amazing graphics and stunning visuals…..that’s just the tip of the iceberg for those of us gamers lucky enough to get their hands on this game! With the release date set for 8 March 2016, this game has REALLY high expectations from the gaming community and I’m sure the game’s totally gonna be worth the hype!


-Tanmay Dixit

Uncharted 4

(PS4) || April 26, 2016

Full disclosure, I worship everything that comes out of Naughty Dog studios. I got into trailers and shit around the time, when Uncharted 2 was up for display at E3; and the trailer just blew my mind. Years later, Uncharted 4 was at last year’s E3, and once more I was more than happy to get my mind blown. Uncharted looks like the next best adventure movie, and I sure can’t wait for Nathan Drake to get his ‘Indiana Jones’ On!


-Ayush Chauhan

What do you think of our list. I am sure we have missed out on some games here. Which are the ones you are looking forward to. Let us know in the comments below.

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