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Kolkata’s gaming scene is about to get a unique twist! Zone Cafe, in association with XRIG and Starcomp, promises to be the best gaming lounge East India could have. The cafe comes packed with every facility a gamer could possible want.

Zone Cafe is a joint venture by Starcomp, East India’s biggest IT distributor, and XRIG, the ones who make the prebuilts you know and love. Designed with a whopping budget of 2 crore INR, the gaming lounge will span for 4000 sq. ft – with 1000 ft being allocated for a one-on-a-kind restaurant, offering quality food for gamers who want a quick break from their game.

                The main cafe comes packed with 52 PCs with different configurations depending of the budget of the gamer who wishes to spend time in the cafe. Never feel out of place again, because there’s something for everyone!

                                                                                 Zone Cafe plans to push the LAN esports scene in Kolkata to the next level with their very own esports arena! There’s a state-of-the-art esports tournament facility in the cafe with a raised platform, featuring a 6v6 PC setup, featuring XRIG X2 1070 PCs with Corsair K70 keyboards, Logitech G403 mice, HyperX Cloud Alpha headsets, Corsair T1 chairs and LG 144 MHz 1ms monitors.


If that doesn’t cut it, and you’re in for experiencing something else, then there is the casual gaming corner with flagship XRIG PCs RTX 2080Ti’s and 4k monitors for experiencing AAA’s at 60 fps with all graphics sliders pushed to the maximum.

For aspiring streamers, there are special “Streamer Rooms” with PCs equipped with the ideal specs for high-end streaming. Zone Cafe has partnered with Alliance and Airtel to ensure high speed Internet connections at all times.

The VR zones have flagship XRIG PCs loaded with the best VR games tailored for the perfect VR experience. If you want to see how good console exclusives are, then you can play quite a few of them as well! A special section of the cafe is designed for arcade gaming, air hockey and foosball, so that’s something worth exploring too, especially if you want to stretch your arms and legs after a lengthy gaming session.

There’s a special retail area, out of which 1000 sq. ft is allotted for the restaurant. Prominent cafe Mintelaa, food partners for Zone Cafe, will be entrusted with the task of serving lip-smacking recipes without breaking the pocket. 888 sq. ft is used to make a special showroom for XRIG products, making it the first exclusive XRIG store in Kolkata.

Zone Cafe is located at 9, Elgin Road 1st Floor, near Forum Mall, in Bhowanipore. The grand opening happens at October end, so be sure to be present if you’re anywhere in Kolkata during that time.

With all its facilities, Zone Cafe promises to deliver the cutting-edge gameplay experience, revolutionizing the gaming scene in East India.

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