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In the infinite web of the internet, I finally stumbled onto Zerg ID. Its kind of like twitter, but for gamers. Specifically for MOBA and MMORPG players, but they had Destiny and Diablo 3 in their supported list, so I am pretty sure any game with a multiplayer facet will do.

Anyways, so yeah a Twitter for gamers. Nice idea in principle, but don’t we already have Steam, Uplay, EA Origin, PSN and Xbox Live and etc. etc. But that’s just it, Zerg ID is not run by a single corporation and does not cater to a single platform either. Its just a normal wall feed, you don’t have to buy a game, just login with your email and your are in.

I hovered over their homepage for about 15 minutes, contemplating if I needed another social network in my life. But I went ahead with it anyway, deciding to take the gauntlet. The first part was very standard, create a user name, pick a profile picture, and fill in a bio. Its the 2nd part which was way more interesting however.

You can add multiple characters that you have created in multiple games across multiple platforms, so that you can connect with others like you. This list will be shown next to your profile so others who are playing the same games can discover you. You can add character specific avatar pics, tell them if you are a support or a tank. Its fulfilling even to just fill that list with the games that you have stopped playing, even if its to get the sense of accomplishment that you have achieved over the past few years as a gamer. Its like a trophy stand, with the achievement being that you have played a game.

Even if you don’t create a character list, its just gamers, streamers and broadcasters without the affiliated or verified accounts. The tweets or Zergs in this world are not filtered by a complex algorithm to match your interest, instead its of the same variety of what you want to see everyday, since everyone on ZergID is a gamer.

Zerg ID is still in open beta, and already it has half a million users. ZergID provides tools allowing MMO fans to easily communicate and organize events with other players. Later this year users will be able to search for players at similar ranks and levels to streamline the process of forming parties with gamers whose experience matches their own.

New features are on the horizon for ZergID users. Coming later this year, users will be able to employ a matchmaking feature to discover people at similar ranks and levels in the same games they play, enabling users to easily form parties or teams and schedule events.

Through its recent acquisition of OpenRaid, ZergID will gain tools that provide ZergID users much more detailed information regarding who will be attending events in World of Warcraft. This feature will expand in 2016 to cover other popular games including League of Legends, Guild Wars 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

Also coming to ZergID is a streamlined process for adding characters to users’ accounts. ZergID will utilize log in with Battle.net so all World of Warcraft characters associated with a specific account can be imported automatically to their ZergID profiles. ZergID plans to work on expanding this streamlined process to other popular MMOs.

With many popular YouTubers, Twitch streamers and guilds discovering ZergID, including Siv HD, Method, SkyDoesMinecraft, and Limit Gaming, the social network is becoming one of the fastest growing methods for connecting with gaming personalities and guilds.

ZergID will be exiting open beta in 2016. Hope to see you there soon.

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