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Card games are niche. Card games are really meta, card games can be really tricky. So it could be difficult to pick one up for yourself because there are cards game and then some available on the platform of your choice right now.

But when there’s Wizards of the Coasts, you generally get the best. They are the makers of some of the BEST collectible card games on the planet, ranging from Duel Masters to Magic : The Gathering, ones that stand the test of time, and continue to be popular year after year. But it is difficult to get cards of older, yet popular games like Duel Masters and Yu Gi Oh.

This is where Konami decided to pitch in, and make a simulator of the collectible card game Yu Gi Oh mainly for the consoles, which they later ported to the PC for more sales, and it has got a very good response from the gaming populace at large, including both old hardcore people who played the real card game, and newer people who discovered about the game online.

Yu Gi Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

Detailed Review

(+) Staying True

The game features all the standard mechanics employed in the Yu Gi Oh collectible card game, starting from the traditional traps, spells and monsters, including fusion monsters and tribute monsters. The game even includes advanced mechanics like synchro monsters, xyz monsters and the newest mechanic of pendulum monsters. The game plays in the same way as the traditional card game, where players summon a monster in attack or defense mode every turn, with spell or trap cards to turn the tide of the duel in their favour. The standard limit of 5 monsters and 5 spell and/or trap cards is employed in the game, just like the original card game. Every player is allowed an extra deck for the special synchro, xyz or fusion monsters. Pendulum zones allow players to put pendulum monsters for pendulum summons. This is accompanied by the main deck area, where the main deck is kept, the graveyard zone, where the used spell and trap cards and destroyed monsters are kept, and the banish zone, where cards are kept after they are removed completely from the game by a card effect.

The dueling screen,where you play the game.

(+) Yugi’s Journey

The 5 campaigns in story mode

The  game has two main modes, just like any other game. Single-player offers campaign mode, where the player plays duels from the story of all the five anime series of Yu Gi Oh to air on television. Step in the footsteps of five witty protagonists, as they work their way up to becoming the very best, or duelist challenges, where players can duel characters from the story arcs of the five animes, using a custom deck of their own. The game allows players to make decks of their own, and fight it out in single player against the AI, or online against other Yu Gi Oh fans around the world.

The game awards cards and points for every duel you play, either in single-player or multiplayer. Points is the official currency used for buying booster packs in Yu Gi Oh. One unlocks Yu Gi Oh booster packs after a certain level of progress on the corresponding campaign story, and buying these booster packs helps a player increase their card collection, which they use to make devastating decks to unleash the heat on their enemies.

The card shop allows one to buy booster packs to increase the card collection, once booster packs of a type are unlocked

Multiplayer is equally engrossing, and is highly addictive. The presence of a decent AI makes one enjoy without ever stepping online into multiplayer. Only a decent amount of hours is necessary to farm a decent amount of points for booster packs,  which makes the game totally fair and non-pay-to-win.

The various modes available for multiplayer

(-) DLC are bad. Everyone knows that

The only downer of the entire game, is the presence of a LARGE number of DLC’s. All DLC’s add duels to the stories in the campaign mode, and adds a few premade decks. Since the DLC’s do not add any new cards, they can’t be defined as pay-to-win, but it becomes quite a hassle, especially for the player who wants to experience the complete single-player story.


Recommended card game for players of all age groups. Nice game for returning players, and easy to learn game with avid tutorials for the the beginners.

The various tutorials provided for beginners to cope up
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