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NVIDIA’s Gamer Connect is round the corner, and this time, the action’s going to be unfolding at Guwahati! One of the spectacular announcements that visitors to the Guwahati Gamer Connect can expect is the new X2 series of prebuilt rigs for XRIG.

XRIG’s X1 series was one of the most successful series of pre-built rigs in India, widely marketed by a large range of retailers in the Indian gaming market, which was facing a severe crunch because of the high prices of graphics cards (and memory kits). The X1 series offered you the prebuilt of your wish, and the three variants had different specifications depending on the budget of the customer. With that amount of success,one would only expect the X2 to come out and fill in the gap, now when a changing market (in the form of receding graphics card prices) is posing a different sort of challenge for prebuilt makers – and XRIG is ready to face it.

The official Facebook page of XRIG teased the X2 series reveal at Gamer Connect Guwahati, on May 20,2018. However, no specifications or the expected prices of the variants of the X2 have been revealed yet.

Guess everyone needs to wait and watch the king of prebuilts bring another smashing product into the continuously expanding Indian gaming market.

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