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Deli Interactive’s co-op submarine crew sim We Need To Go Deeper’s first major content update has released; and it’s as hot and steamy as ever featuring an all-new Volcanic Biome, Invincible Time Travelling Monsters, and more!

The Volcanic Depths Biome! – The hot, dangerous, and jungle-like Volcanic Depths are now here for your crew to explore! A variety of new dangers await in this new dark third layer – from Gigantic Armored Tortoises to Nefarious Sea Monkeys, to Gaseous Vents that litter the walls and the very water itself which will boil you alive if you let too much of it in your vessel. This new biome will show your crew the meaning of pain.

New Universal Enemies! – These are enemies that will catch you off guard no matter what biome you may be in, in order to keep some of the more experienced crews on their toes. From Ensaring Bubbles to Sneaky Hermit Crabs, players navigating any area should be at the ready.

The Rivet Gun! – An all-new tool has been added to the roster in the form of this state-of-the-art Rivet Gun: An Engineer’s Best Friend! This bulky fella can repair leaks and dents from a distance, and a good one at that – though it’s not advised for use in combat – the rivets it fires are known to mostly annoy enemies more than it harms them.

A Loop-Exclusive Time Travelling Monster! – For those skilled enough to make it to the Time Portal, a nasty surprise awaits you and your crew in the form of a new relentless and invincible time-beast.

New Customization Items! – A variety of new hats and costumes have been added to the game; many of which have been fan requests! Including a new hat type: Masks! From Tiki masks to Dramatic Theater masks to technological marvels like the Gas Mask, now you can finally hide your shameful face from the world!

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