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Today, Telltale announced release date for the second episode in their “The Walking Dead: Michonne” miniseries. And also unveiled a new trailer for the first episode, In Too Deep, titled as “Your Choices”.

The second episode in the miniseries, Give No Shelter, is scheduled for a March 29 release date. It’ll be available starting Tuesday, on PC/Mac via Telltale Online Store, Steam, and others, the PlayStation Network for PS4 and PS3, the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One and Xbox 360, and for iOS and Android via their respected stores.

Alongside, as said, they also release a new trailer for Episode 1, In Too Deep, which highlights some of the difficult decisions players were faced with in the premiere episode. If you don’t have time for Googling it…. no worry we got it right down here:

Throughout these miniseries players will explore Michonne’s character, portrayed by Samira Wiley, by diving into the mind of Michonne to discover what took her away from Rick, Carl, and the rest of her trusted group… and what brought her back.

“In Episode 2, ‘Give No Shelter,’ a daring escape from the floating colony of Monroe sees Michonne, Pete, and Sam running for their lives” reads PR. “An all too brief reprieve is soon shattered; the leaders of Monroe don’t forgive and don’t forget. With memories of her daughters bleeding ever further into Michonne’s blurred reality, her world is becoming increasingly fractured… just at the point when she’ll need all of her skills to survive.”

TWD: Michonne’s premier episode is well-received by critics and players as well. Michoone is arguably the only character that forces you to play the game. She singlehandedly drove the full episode even after struggling from her trauma. In Too Deep, shows her as a badass protagonist who is specialized in killing walkers.

TWD: Michonne miniseries will conclude with the third episode, ‘What We Deserve,’ in April.

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