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After almost 6 years without any action, Valve is back to making games. Valve’s official announcement that they had “several projects” in the works, including a card game based on DOTA 2, called Artifact. Valve had already confirmed that Artifact won’t be free-to-play, and it will be releasing sometime in late 2018. Further details released today officially confirm a release date and an official pricing for the game.

Artifact is officially confirmed to have a price tag of $20, and will feature extra in-game booster pack purchases. Each booster pack contains 12 random cards, featuring atleast one rare, and comes with a cost of $2 each. Purchase of the base game gives you access to 228 cards (not all unique), which includes five heroes, nine items and forty additional cards as well as ten booster packs. All items will be fully tradable and marketable, keeping in line with Richard Garfield’s vision of a proper “trading” card game.


Artifact will be playable at PAX West from August 31 to September 3, and participants will get some Artifact goodies, as well as two keys for the game.

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