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Well, this was unexpected. Valve has announced that they’re bringing a new game that’s a crossover between their own Portal series and Clockstone Software’s Bridge Constructor series (that started on Android) to consoles, PC and smartphones.

Developed by Headup Games, Bridge Constructor Portal will see the Portal universe and its signature portal mechanics collide with physics based gameplay elements from Bridge Constructor…. And of course, GLaDOS is making a return too.

It’s releasing on PC on December 20. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions are set for an early 2018 release while the Android and iOS versions will be released at a later date.

Here’s some screenshots:

So far, the reception to the game has been… not quite welcoming. Fans still clamor for a new mainline Portal game, and well, who can blame them? It’s been a long time since Valve last released a major title. So let me ask again: Portal 3 when, Valve?

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