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Valorant Patch 4.0 is here, and it brings in a tonne of changes with it. The main attraction of this update is Neon, Valorant’s Duelist addition to the roster. The update also brings in gun balancing based on community feedback and map changes to provide a better experience. The patch also features a good amount of quality of life updates as well.

Neon: Fast Feet, Quick Actions

Episode 4 ACT 1 brings in the new Agent Neon. She was created with the idea to increase the pace of the match. We at Gameffine had the opportunity with the courtesy of Valorant India, to play-test Neon, the Battle Pass and the bundle early. At our play-test, we had all kinds of players, including top content-creators, casual gamers and competitive players as well. This way we experienced as a community how the players liked Neon and if she brings in a twist to the playstyle. But before we answer that, let’s talk about the abilities of Neon.

Fast Lane (C)-
FIRE two energy lines forward on the ground that extends a short distance or until they hit a surface. The lines rise into walls of static electricity that block vision and damage enemies passing through them.

Relay Bolt (Q)-
INSTANTLY throw an energy bolt that bounces once. Upon hitting each surface, the bolt electrifies the ground below with a concussive blast.

High Gear (E)-
INSTANTLY channel Neon’s power for increased speed. When charged, ALT FIRE to trigger an electric slide. Slide charge resets every two kills.

And finally,

OVERDRIVE (X) (Ultimate)-
Unleash Neon’s full power and speed for a short duration. FIRE to channel the power into a deadly lightning beam with high movement accuracy. The duration resets on each kill.

While the official role given to Neon is of a duelist, we think it plays more of a role of an actual Entry Fragger. She leads the team, while the team escorts her into the site using their open abilities. Capitalizing on how well the teammates engage, Neon can put down devastating damage and clear corners with a snap of a finger. But is it too powerful, or too weak, the actual answer will come in after everyone tries her for a while. But for now, we think she is in a good state and will be a game-changer if played right.

On our play-test we saw all the players actual liking it, it gave them the edge and it is always fun to try something new. As a team player, she can be very effective especially on the rotations. But as an individual player, if in the right hands she can be the next duelist you don’t want to peek alone.

Most asked Questions: She can run and gun?
Answer: No. She can run, yes but not with a gun. She cannot slide and shoot, the gun equips animation takes up the entire time in sliding. But yes, she will shoot as soon as she’s done sliding, so good luck on your crosshair placement.

Battlepass: 3 Bundles, Great Looking Cards

The Battlepass has 3 bundles – Schema, Vector and Hydrodip. It covers almost all the weapons except an operator skin. The melee is a karambit, which looks professional and very attractive. We made a video diving through the entire battle pass that you can have a look at.

For us, the battle pass is nothing too great as compared to the previous acts, however, the karambit would still be a convincing factor along with the player cards.

Melee: Better Hit Box Registration

  • Right click hitboxes are now 1.5x larger. Left click hitboxes are now larger than a right
    click and have a slightly longer range too.
  • Targets closer to the center of your knife attacks will get hit first, so you still have
    precision if you need it.
  • Bonus: Knifing walls now have instant feedback when slicing up walls (predicted on the
    client side)

Spectre: Toned down RnG. Increased Long Range Spread (Nerfed)

Firing error occurs at earlier bullet stages
○ For example, instead of errors occurring at bullets 4, 7, 10 (in terms of firing
order) they will instead happen at bullets 3, 6, 8
● Increased pitch and yaw (vertical and horizontal) recoil multipliers when
running/jumping/on ascender from 1.25 >>> 1.5
● Protected bullet count from yaw (horizontal) switching while spraying, decreased 8 >>>
5 bullets
● Lowering time to switch yaw from .24 >>> .18 seconds

Overall, the spectre performed better but was actually performing way better in long-range engagements as well. Hence, the spectre will a bit harder to control than before.

Ares: Fire Faster (Buffed)

● Removed spin up
● Firing rate increased from 10 >>> 13

The Ares has been not the choice of a lot of the players because of its bulkiness and fire rate. This changes aims to make it a little stronger in the scene.

Bulldog: Better Control (Buffed)

  • Hip fire rate increased 9.5 >>> 10
  • Recovery on burst fire improved from .4 >>> .35
  • Inaccuracy is accrued any time the weapon is re-fired prior to a complete
    duration of a weapon’s respective Gun Recovery Time. Lower recovery time
    should improve burst fire efficiency.

The bulldog is supposed to have a better feel as a battle rifle. The ADS should be powerful and effective during crisis buys. Hence the bulldog has received a buff, that should make a lot of players happy.


Bind: Box Replaced in A-short (Map)

  • The double stack of cover at short A has been changed to remove a very powerful
    one-way smoke location that made the area a little too difficult for Attackers to approach.
  • Sentinels will still be able to clog the space, but the new layout should open a few
    options for attackers pushing in.
  • There’s also a small, new bench for a mix up when taking that first peek.

Breeze: Major Rework on both sites (Map)

  • Increased the width of the A Main choke and removed 50/50s (where you must choose
    one of two locations an opponent may be located)
  •  This should give defenders more options when playing around A Main. It also
    removes the 50/50 when both entering or exiting the cave, allowing you to be
    more methodical when pushing.

    • Added a stack of two crates in cave
    • This provides some cover for attackers pushing the cave while also giving
      defenders more options for contesting the space.
  • Adjusted cover on the back of A Site and extended the pool to the far wall
    • The cover changes should give defenders both a safe place to fall back to and
      more cover on retakes. Extending the pool should make playing in this space
      more comfortable.
    •  Plant site extension is also to match the new shape of the pool.
  •  Adjusted curved wall in mid
    •  This change simplifies the space and removes the extra pocket.
  • Added cover to the pillar on B Site, blocked off the back site with a new wall, and added a
    stack of crates to B Wall

    • The new cover on the pillar allows for new pre and post plant opportunities.
    • The adjusted back site breaks the head peek to B Main while also giving players
      new cover to work with. This new cover should be useful when falling back and
    • The new stack of crates limits some angles from B Main, gives you new options
      when holding or retaking, and should break up some awkward fights that can
      occur on thin walls.
  • Door on B can no longer be reactivated until it is finished opening or closing

Competitive Changes

Players will now require an account Level 20 before they can start playing in competitive. This will allow newer players to first learn the game better, as well as avoid smurfs from frequently creating new profiles.

Unannounced Changes-

There are a few more changes coming to game.

Gamemode: Warm Up
We have the Trailer and the Poster. But not an actual confirmation. Or could just be a cool cinematic?

Anti- Instalocking
This has been rumoured a lot from many sources. But we haven’t seen it in actual action. So do keep an eye out for it!

Easter Egg-

I looked at everything in the Test Servers that I could find. And nobody looked at this bad boi. We have no clue where does it belong, but we would love to hear you speculate.

gameffine wayfinder shorty

Made it till here? Wow, you are a reader. Thank you, have a blessed day!



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