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2017 has been a decent year for Ubisoft, commercially, with the exception of For Honor that had a great idea, but was let down by Ubisoft’s decision to go for p2p servers instead of dedicated ones.

In a twitter post today, Ubisoft has revealed that they will be beginning the testing of dedicated servers for the game on 14th December 2017. It is an open test and will be available to everyone, even those who don’t own the game.

Players will be limited to the following PVP game modes: Duel, Dominion and Tribute. In the Open Test, you will gain access to every single hero (including DLC) which are available for only 1 Steel each. Mote that any progression (XP, Achievements, Stats, Gears, Steel, Skill Ratings) earned during the Open Test won’t be carried over to the main game.

I am not sure that many people are into it at this point, considering the massive hype has already gone by, but this is an interesting development. What do you guys think about the implementation of dedicated servers almost after a year of release? Let us know in the comments below.

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