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The Wizards – Enhanced Edition, is now available on Steam, Oculus Store and Viveport.

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In The Wizards – Enhanced Edition, you assume the role of a young sorcerer traveling through time and casting powerful spells to protect the realm of Meliora from enemy forces. Explore deadly catacombs, wade through the sands of an oriental desert, fight orcs, smash goblins, and prepare to stand your ground when facing a gigantic dragon.

visit the PlayStation store ( and try out the game. The Wizards – Enhanced Edition is now also available on Steam, Oculus Store and Viveport.

Evil has awoken and is threatening the kingdom. Grab your magic garment, and embark on a mission to save Meliora, a charming land of high fantasy. Travel through time and fight epic battles in beautiful, mysterious locations. Freeze, burn or electrocute your enemies using various spells that require distinct hand gestures and the wisdom of a true sorcerer. You are all that stands between peace and utter destruction.

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Developed by Carbon Studio, The Wizards is an award-winning VR spellcaster game set in a fantasy world. The game was originally released for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in March 2018. Now as an Enhanced Edition, the game is also available on PlayStation VR. It’s been expanded with completely new level and a cutscene extending the campaign. Checkpoints, character customization, and a whole bunch of other features and accessibility options have also been polished or added at the request of the PS VR community.

The developers haven’t forgotten their faithful community however, those that have supported them along the road and already purchased the game. Everyone who already owns The Wizards on either the Oculus Store, Steam, or Viveport now receives all the additional content that the Enhanced Edition has to offer completely for free!

In The Wizards – Enhanced Edition, gamers can enjoy an exceptional spellcasting mechanic based on elemental energy, where the key to victory is mastering the gestures, and adapting your tactics to the flow of the battle. Gamers are tested during fast-paced combat and while exploring the environment. This is all available in two separate game modes:

1.   A new approximately six-hour-long, single-player Story Campaign featuring a whole new level, complete with a never-before-seen map, battles, and expanded lore.
2.    And the exciting Arena Mode offering challenging, endless battles.
Each mode features online scoreboards and a selection of game modifiers called Fate Cards that can change the game’s difficulty and rules to the player’s liking. Fate Cards increase replayability and accessibility, which makes the game satisfying for both challenge seekers and casual connoisseurs. For example, the “Easy Prey” Fate Card makes players start the game with 1HP, but dramatically increases the score multiplier.

The Wizards – Enhanced Edition also features checkpoints and, as a bonus, character customization. This means that gamers, who think it’s not only about casting spells but also about doing it in style, can change the color of each of their magic gloves. But there’s more to it. The new glove design now also contains magical glyphs representing the gamer’s health status. All this increases immersion, so the player not only feels like a Wizard but can also truly become one.

•    An action-adventure, VR spellcaster set in a rich fantasy world;
•    A Story Campaign featuring time travel, heroic battles, and dragons;
•    Intuitive and immersive spellcasting with hand gestures;
•    Six element-based spells to learn, master, and upgrade ;
•    High replayability thanks to game-modifying Fate Cards;
•    Arena Mode with challenging, endless battles;
•    Free movement and teleportation-based exploration.
The Wizards: Enhanced Edition is now casting spells through PlayStation VR, Steam, Oculus Store and Viveport. The game costs $24.99 / €24,99 / £19.99 on these platforms and is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian on PS VR, and additionally in Japanese and Chinese (simplified) on PC.

More information about the game can be found on the official website (, Facebook and Twitter.

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