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The Outer Worlds might have been Obsidian’s next magnum opus after Fallout: New Vegas (even though our editors don’t think that to be true). RPG’s are some of the most entertaining amongst single-player games, allowing the industry to reach its potential like never before. It seems that Obsidian might be making another comeback with The Outer Worlds, but this time it won’t be for a DLC, it would be for another game itself.

Senior industry analyst Daniel Ahmad AKA ‘ZhugEX’ has suggested that “a new entry in the franchise is being explored”. He also warns that he does not have knowledge of the current status of the project. Considering how long The Outer Worlds took to come out, it might as well be another 4-5 years off. The comments from ZhugEX coincide with the announcement for the game’s release date on Steam (which takes place in the last week of October). Obsidian might not be fully done with DLCs yet – Perils of Gorgon, the recently released expansion for the game, provided a lot of playable content for players to explore and enjoy. We reviewed the DLC recently and found it to be a decent purchase for all owners of the original game.

Let’s hope Obsidian takes some critical feedback from the first entry in the franchise and tries something new with the sequel (that includes not making it an Epic Store exclusive).

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