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The weirdly delightful videogame press conference by Devolver Digital was back for another go yesterday! This year saw the continuation of the wacky marketing mega-mess of a story of fan-favorite Nina Struthers, with special guest appearances from Shuhei Yoshida (Head of Indies Initiative at Sony Interactive Entertainment), Phil Spencer (Head of Xbox), Geoff Keighley (videogame journalist and host of The Game Awards), SonicFox (professional esports player) and Geralt’s Tub (no introduction needed).

Addressing the power vacuum left behind in the wake of the cancellation of E3, Devolver Digital left no stone unturned in declaring themselves as the ultimate hype machine.

While throwing shade at companies like Ubisoft, Konami, Walmart Canada, and even their partners Nintendo, Devolver showed off 8 games and released a mock game on Steam for free, called Devolver Land Expo, parodying video game conventions.

Check out their showcased games below:

Shadow Warrior 3

Developer Flying Wild Hog returns to the epic ninja scene with a ballad of blade, bullets, and blood in the next game in the long-running Shadow Warrior franchise. Return as the fallen corporate assassin Lo Wang to the mythical neo-feudal Japanese landscape teeming with demonic Yokai. The game promises absurd over-the-top action, brutal executions similar to the newer Doom, and a fancy new grappling hook.

Available on: Microsoft Windows
Release date: 2021

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys is a massively multiplayer physics-based party game by Mediatonic which pits 60 online contestants against each other in a free-for-all struggle of ridiculous challenges and wild obstacle courses. It features a lot of cute customizations for the ‘fall guys’, as well as competitive and cooperative modes.

Available on: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4
Release date: August 4, 2020


A reverse horror game from Phobia Game Studio where you are the monstrous flesh blob everyone is afraid of! Escape the facility, while stalking and consuming the people that imprisoned you. Acquire special abilities like being able to control guards and mechs as puppets, destroy lights to keep yourself in the shadows, and exact revenge with your bloody tentacles on whatever dares to stand in your path.

Available on: Microsoft Windows (Steam, Xbox Game Pass), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Release date: July 23, 2020


You are Faraday – a man shipwrecked in the strange fictional country of Terraphage. Armed with a legendary harpoon and accompanied by a motley crew of castaways, you explore this fantastic world, fight your way through tough enemies, and meet the enigmatic Olija, a lady with whom your fate seems bound over time. Skeleton Crew Studio‘s pixel art action-adventure game feels like a hit in the making!

Available on: Microsoft Windows
Release date: 2020

Serious Sam 4

Do you need a story excuse to mow down thousand-strong alien-monster hordes? All you need are guns, lots of guns, and Croteam provides you that ass-kicking arsenal to combat these Earth invaders. With an explosive single-player campaign and a 4-player online co-op mode, this high-octane FPS prequel ramps up the action by bringing back the iconic Headless Kamikaze, Werebulls, and more with some exciting new additions.

Available on: Microsoft Windows, Stadia
Release date: August 2020

Weird West

An isometric story-based action RPG from the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey- Raphael Colantonio and Julien Roby. Wolf Eye Studios brings in five customizable heroes into this surreal world where lawmen and gunslingers lead a life of fragile coexistence with fantastical creatures. We had previously covered this game in Our Top 5 Picks From The PC Gaming Show article.

Available on: Microsoft Windows
Release date: 2021


A multiplayer dungeon crawler that boasts distinct character classes, handcrafted dungeons, hundreds of unique loot items, and a terrifying cast of mystical and monstrous enemies. Become a warrior, assassin or mage, fight the Blight, encounter boss battles, solve puzzles, and build your refuge in this action-packed RPG by Ronimo Games.

Available on: Microsoft Windows (Steam Early Access)
Release date: July 29, 2020

Disc Room

A collaboration between Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Terri Vellmann, and Doseone, this upcoming game wants you to remember only one thing – what kills you only makes you stronger. Avoid getting sliced in half by erratic saw blades in this grindhouse sci-fi reimagining of an intergalactic slaughterhouse.

Available on: Microsoft Windows
Release date: 2020

Hidden inside the Devolverland Expo game are easter eggs for 3 unannounced games – are those for real, or are we getting trolled again?

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