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Headlined by GAMERZ Season 1 champion Linus “Limpone” Wecksell, the Swedish team joined the ranks of Tempo Storm in August 2017 together with the Brazilian squad who had previously represented paiN.

But unlike their Brazilian counterpart, the Swedish team failed to make their mark in North America, only appearing in online qualifiers and in CEVO Main, in which they placed 9th-12th.

Upon leaving Tempo Storm, the players decided to go their separate ways. Kristian KriLLe Ekroth, Tobias “shadow” Flodström and Jakob Barken Bark are all part of Not Academy’s roster for ESEA MDL, in which Limpone will compete for Snabbabrillor, also featuring four members of the recently-released Epsilon squad.

Tempo Storm’s Swedish roster had the following members:

Linus “Limpone” Wecksell

Tobias “shadow” Flodström

Kristian “KriLLe” Ekroth

Fredrik “elo” Annerström

Jakob “Barken” Bark


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