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Surviving Mars, the survival city-building game from Haemimont Games and Paradox Interactive, is today launching a free Sagan update featuring additional hardcore gameplay options along with a brand new logo and a permanent price drop across platforms to an MSRP of $29.99 USD. With this update, players’ skills are put to the hardest test yet as the difficulty increases across the board.

Sagan features include:

  • All Outta Luck – Face 24 new major Challenges in separate playthroughs each with their own parameters for success, including: sponsor, commander profile, active game rules and map coordinates.
  • Not All Wins are Created Equal – You may have risen to the Challenge but it’ll take a true strategist to master it. Each Challenge will have an associated rating and it’ll take speed and skills to achieve an “Excellent” rating – otherwise you’ll have to settle for “Good”.
  • How Time Flies – All Challenges will now have a time requirement, ratcheting up the level of difficulty for you and your dome dwellers. Can you race against the clock and complete the Challenge without letting anything else fail?

“Our players were calling to be able to increase the difficulty for Surviving Mars, so we decided to take it to the next level with a free update for everyone that focuses on Challenges,” said Bisser Dyankov, Producer at Haemimont Games. “We’re also announcing a new look and price for the Surviving Mars brand to better represent the game it has become and reinforce our commitment to responding to the ways that players old and new enjoy playing it.”

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