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A story trailer has been released for Encased, an old school turn based RPG developed by Dark Crystal Games. Encased is advertised as a sci-fi post apocalyptic tactical role-playing game in the veins of renowned isometric RPGs from the 90s and early 2000s, especially Fallout.

According to the developers, “the story campaign will be approximately 25-30 hours long with significant replay potential. The player will be able to explore the game’s open world and make hard decisions that influence the plot. The world actively reacts to the player’s actions and changes constantly. This also works vice versa, as environmental changes within the game will influence gameplay style.”

Dark Crystal Games is a Russian indie-studio formed of people who have worked in games such as Divinity: Original Sin (DOSEE and DOS2), Life Is Feudal: Forest Village and Leviathan: The Last Day of The Decade. Encased will hit early access in early 2019.

You can check out the progress of the game here. 

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