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In a recent steam discussion thread raised to highlight an issue regarding the display of obscene imagery in 18+ games, a player asked Dharker studios, the developers of Galaxy Girls(an 18+ game on steam), why the patch he downloaded from Dharker’s official website to uncensor the game was nonfunctional.

In response to which Dharker studios replied the following:

Originally, upon release, a game listed under the 18+ or Matured category would be rigorously scrutinized and censored by Steam to block off any salacious imagery containing nudity. In order to uncensor those parts in the game the player has to download a certain patch from the developer’s official website and apply the same into the steam version of the game. This input would then allow the players to view the items of their desire.

It is only recently that Steam has decided to curtail any such patches from being functional within the steam version of the game. To fans of 18+ games like HuniePop and Galaxy Girls, this could mean bad news.

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