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Square Enix President Mr. Yosuke Matsuda has confirmed the company’s participation in the E3 2021. Mr. Matsuda says ” I think we can announce other lineups one after another, and we are planning to announce them at E3 in June, so please look forward to it” in a recent interview with Xtrend.

Final Fantasy VII intergade

Mr. Matsuda in his interview also stated that the current pandemic scenario has affected Square Enix but after the first lockdown lifted they didn’t take much time to get back on track. However, in the second lockdown, the studio isn’t facing many problems during the first one. Mr. Matsuda believes that they will find a permanent solution to all the problems faced because of the pandemic by the year 2021 or 2022. And the team will continue working assuming this fact to be true. Matsuda also commented on the fact that he wishes to take on the challenges faced by the Indian Market (Mobile Gaming) after the successful launch of Ludo Zenith, a joint collaboration with Jett Synthesys.

The fans and players around the world were worried about the participation of Square Enix, but after Matsuda’s confirmation, everyone is looking forward to the E3. Are you excited about the E3? Make sure to check out our Podcast ‘Can E3 make a comeback in 2021?’

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