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During a Twitch stream at Gamescom today, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata revealed (in a roundabout way) that the company is planning on bringing the game (in some form) to Nintendo’s console.

He said:

“You asked the question, what other things do we have planned in the future? We can’t give you any complete, solid details right at the moment but for our policy writers we very much do want to move out and do as much as we can with the game, with the franchise. There’s another certain console out there people may be thinking of; sounds little bit like you guys, your name, “Twitch”… I think we’ll just leave it there. Everyone on Final Fantasy XV, they love this specific console that sounds a lot like “Twitch” – you may want to think something about that in the future.”

So this could be either be the recently announced Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy XV or the original one which is also coming to PC. Or perhaps something entirely new?

What do you guys think? The Pocket Version seems most likely but a brand new entry in the FFXV universe doesn’t seem far fetched either. We think it’s the latter since Square Enix seems to be focused on bringing a different FFXV experience to every platform.

    1. What makes you say that? I don’t think it’s the Pocket Edition. Their conversation suggests a new project. Which is not the same as a port. I don’t think they’ll spend time porting Luminous to Switch. So it’s likely a new Switch exclusive FFXV game.

      1. Because I don’t think the Switch will be able to handle the original FFXV in all its glory. They are already making a pocket edition. Why would they dedicate resources to create an entirely new version of FFXV which would lie somewhere between the Pocket edition and the console edition. I mean people still waiting on that FF 7 remake.

        1. Yeah that’s what I was wondering too… I don’t think Sqaure will focus on porting Luminous to Switch (the engine which FFXV runs on). Pocket Edition is definitely a possibility since porting from phones to Switch is very easy but I think it will be a new game. At least that’s what it sounds less to me.
          And if I’m not wrong, entirely different teams are handling the FF7 REMAKE so it’s a moot point. I heard a rumor that the Remake is coming to Switch too but let’s see lol.

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