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Spellbinding Bullet-Hell FPS ‘Luna Abyss’ Unveils Variety With Brand New Gameplay Trailer

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Remote game development studio Bonsai Collective has today unveiled a brand new trailer that shows the full scope of and ambition behind its forthcoming narrative-driven first-person action-adventure Luna Abyss.

The 100-second spot lays the game’s otherworldly environments wide open, giving gamers the best view yet of the carefully crafted cosmos underneath the surface of the mimic moon known as Luna that developer Bonsai Collective has put together for story shooter fans of all abilities.

As the trailer is designed to showcase, Luna Abyss is a treat for all of the senses, with the game’s derelict megastructure frequently shrouding the player in overwhelming darkness pierced only by concentrated shards of light that briefly lay open the ruins ahead. Luna is a world full of mystery, with the remains of its long-lost colony scattered across its caverns and its valleys serving as a suitable chamber for the prisoners sent into the depths of the Abyss to work off their sentences.

With only an artificial prison guard named Aylin as your guide, the question of just what happened to Luna’s lost colony looms large. What are the secrets of the once-prosperous city of Greymont? And what are those strange voices that call out to you from the depths?

Luna Abyss may be our first title as Bonsai, but everyone here has built up years of experience working on some amazing titles,” says Benni Hill, Creative Director at Bonsai Collective“We wanted to pool all that talent together and create something that everyone can play; a narrative-driven bullet-hell FPS that offers a real challenge without chastising those who find other games in the genre too testing. We have a world we want everyone to experience, however they play.”

On your journey through the bowels of the mysterious Luna, you will be challenged by the alien terrain, twisted cosmic horrors inhabiting it, and the disturbing revelations nestling in its depth. Overcoming them will involve split-second decision-making using a combination of traversal abilities and an arsenal of weapons.

Luna Abyss will include:

  • Buried Mystery: Uncover the mysteries of the mimic moon, and the abyss within its depths. Come face to face with remnants of the colony’s downfall & discover your role within this doomed world. Learn all the secrets the abyss has to offer.
  • Forsaken Chasms: Sprint, jump & dash your way through this brutalist alien megastructure. Experience fluid first-person platforming as you travel through Luna & the depths of the abyss.
  • Bullet-Hell Combat: Survive deadly encounters with corrupted souls & twisted cosmic horrors. Master your weapons & make split-second decisions in fast-paced, explosive, bullet-hell combat.

Luna Abyss is crafted by a small and inclusive team of 15 developers passionate about world-building, story-telling, and classic video games. Bonsai Collective is wholeheartedly committed to fostering positive mental health & well-being within the studio, and is proud to create a space that ensures the team feel safe and secure in their own skin, identities, belief, values, and culture. 

Luna Abyss is currently in development for PC and console. You can wishlist and follow the development of Luna Abyss on Steam

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